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Ending #4



Matt, Nicole, and Tucker decide to hide in a classroom in an almost infected-free hallway. The infected quickly gain chase. There is a moment of tension as several infected storm inside the classroom, but the trio is undetected.


We slowly fade out.


The darkness is suddenly pierced by a view of the now emptied hallways. The wind howls and paper rustles. A wolf howls. At some points, we see several bodies, which used to contain the lives of the survivors.


We eventually get to the door of the classroom in which the last remaining survivors occupy.


Slowly, the door opens.


The three survivors grab what they can for a weapon and walk outside of the school.


The street is littered with warnings and newspaper, with the occasional body or two. The snarls of infected sound close by.


The group looks around for something to escape on. They eventually find bikes and they escape on them. They bike ride through an abandoned neighborhood and get to a house that can be easily secured.


They run into the house, secure it, and make the available resources useful.


They find a radio and tune it. Eventually they get a stable signal. The radio proclaims that the National Guard has reached Albuquerque and will be in Parker in two days.


This causes the trio to rejoice.


Cut to later that night. The trio is eating whatever food isnít spoiled. Tucker says that according to his guide that they should go on either the attic or the roof. Where they go will be decided.


Either way, two days later they hear helicopter engines. They go on the roof (or they are already there) and set up a signal of sorts. They get the attention of the helicopter and fly away.